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Walk For Freedom

Saturday I participated in a march for only the second time ever in my life, and it was one of the most powerful experiences I’ve had in a long time.

A21 (short for “Abolitionists in the 21st Century”) is a world-wide organisation which work against slavery and human trafficking. They work to rescue people from slavery, to support them afterwards (without the right support system 80% of former slaves are retrafficked) and with police in the vulnerable countries to help it from happening in the first place.

The statistics are sobering… there are more slaves now than at any other point in history (a staggering 40.3 million… and that’s just the ones they can prove. A more realistic estimate puts it at 125 million) with one person being sold into slavery every 30 seconds. And less than 1 in 10.000 of all traffickers are ever convicted.

Not many people are aware of the magnitude of the problem, however. So to spread awareness A21 arrange Walks For Freedom around the globe. This weekend we had more than 600 walks in more than 50 countries. It’s the fourth annual walk, and fortunately this year I was able to participate.

It was a heartbreaking, poignant, amazing experience. I’m so glad I went. I wanted to cry every step of the way.

We met up at 10am at the National Museum to hear the speech given by Philip (the manager of the Danish office of A21) and to get our T-shirts and our bandanas. To represent the fact that we were walking for real people, we would all be wearing bandanas with names written on them over our mouths – we were speaking out for those who couldn’t speak out for themselves. As we were supposed to wear all black otherwise, I’d managed to meet up with another woman at the trainstation who was obviously heading the same direction. We struck up a conversation and really clicked, so we decided to do the walk together. (And yes, I added her on FaceBook afterwards – it would just be too weird to share such an incredibly intense experience, and then never see each other again!).

At 11:45am we lined up outside the musem, and started walking, single-file, through the pedestrian streets of Copenhagen. Phil later told me that we’d been more than 320 people… meaning we probably stretched out 150-200 meters! Being in the middle of it, it was hard to tell, but every time we turned a corner, I could see the long snake of people in black, with yellow bandanas tied over their mouths, stretch out for ages in either direction. People we met also kept commenting “wow, they just keep coming!”.

It was, of course, a completely silent march for most of us, but A21 staff and volunteers were walking with us to hand out fliers and talk to people around us. The reception was incredible. Most people actually sought out the fliers themselves, and had long’ish conversations with the people handing them out, resulting in a really positive and approchable vibe. Because there were so many of us, we were very careful about being observant and letting people through when they needed to pass us, and one woman who was there with two young girls stopped to say, “I think it’s wonderful that you’re doing this”.

While walking, we could listen to the podcast A21 had provided, with the full stories of the three people whose names we were wearing. One of those was a girl of just 4 years old who’d been sold into the sex industry by her grandparents and step-father. Heartbreaking.

The match ended an hour later, back at the National museum, where we all pulled off our mouth gags and threw them into the air, to celebrate that Ivan, Eve and Amy had been rescued. They were free. And every day – thanks to organisations like A21 and others – more are following them.

My legs and back were aching like crazy for the rest of the day, but I am SO glad I went. What an amazing experience.


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Podcast 5 and 6 – Two BookTube Videos

Social Media Book Tag

(I did MySpace twice – the first was supposed to have been tumblr instead)

Dewey’s 24-hour Read-a-Thon

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Podcast 4 – Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

My apologies for the horrible light. I don’t know what happened there.

On the Needles:
Terra Linda by Romi Hill
Sleeves by Martina Behm
Puzzle Pieces by Megan Ellinger
Sock Yarn Blanket by Shelly Kang

Off the needles
Vanilla Socks
Tiny Minion by Kelly Vu

Between the Pages
Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple

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Podcast 3: Christmas in July

On the Needles:
– Elfe by Astrid Schramm. Knit with Fiber Optics Yarn in the Dusty Plum to Olive colourway on size 4.0mm needles.
– Braided Swirl Socks by Emily Wood (testknit). Knit with Lana Grossa Meilenweit on size 2.25mm needles.
– Terra Linda Cardigan by Romi Hill. Knit with Drops Merino Extra Fine (in this case talking about quality and not weight!) on size 6.0mm needles.

Off the Needles:
– Wombat blanket by Paula Berman. Knit with Marks and Kattens Nissegarn on size 8.0mm needles.
– Monkey Socks by Cookie A. – the No Purl version as recommended by CraftyPancakes and with a Fish-Lips-Kiss heel. Knit with Fyberspates Vivacious 4ply on size 2.5mm needles.
– 4 ornaments for the Christmas in July craft-along. Two were Christmas Baubles by Mona Smith. The other two were made up by myself. Knit with Lammy Yarns Lurex on size 3.0mm needles.

Coming Up
– Sleeves by Martina Behm.
– More ornaments

Between the Pages:
– Written in My Own Heart’s Blood by Diana Gabaldon
– Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
– Witches on Parole by Debora Geary

Just Finished:
– Heads in Beds by Jacob Tomsky

I participate in the Christmas in July CAL hosted by the Just One More Row podcast and the Year of Projects challenge on Ravelry.

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Podcast 2 – Start-itis

In which I have startitis and want to knit all the things.

Glenn Cooper’s “The Keepers of the LIbrary” has also been published as “The Librarians”

And it’s called NaKniSweMo! Perhaps one of these days I’ll remember!

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Podcast 1 – Read-a-thon

Welcome to my very first video podcast! I had lots of fun making this, so hope you’ll enjoy watching it.

Made a few mistakes in filming… the sweater for NaKniSweaMo (or NaSweaKniMo) should be 50,000 stitches of course – not just 5,000.
Also the savoury fingering is 400yards per 100grams… not 100 meters.

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Retail Therapy

I have never really understood retail therapy. Spending money on stuff does nothing to increase my level of happiness – more often than not I’m hit by buyer’s remorse afterwards and end up feeling worse than when I set out.

There is one exception though (of course there is, or I wouldn’t be mentioning it here) – retail therapy absolutely works when it comes to buying books! I hardly ever suffer from buyer’s remorse even when I’ve just dropped hundreds of kroner on books, because I know it’ll be worth it. I get pleasure from buying books, having books arrive in the mail (long live The Book Depository and their worldwide free shipping!), looking at books, reading books and having my favourite books stand on my shelves afterwards. That’s a lot of value for a very small price!

One of my favourite authors is Neta Jackson, author of the “Yada Yada Prayer Group” series. That series has done more for my faith than any other book – non-fiction and fiction both – and I’ve been reading pretty much everything she’s written since I first discovered her. Thanks to GoodReads‘ “new releases” email, I just discovered that she has a new book out next week! (“Stand By Me” – first book in a new series but with the same characters as “Yada Yada” and “House of Hope”).

I literally squeed out loud when I read that mail, and immediately went to TBD to order it. The mere act of ordering it gave me great joy all by itself, and it hasn’t even arrived yet!

Doesn’t mean I’m not impatiently looking forward for it to do so though 🙂


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