Retail Therapy

05 Mar

I have never really understood retail therapy. Spending money on stuff does nothing to increase my level of happiness – more often than not I’m hit by buyer’s remorse afterwards and end up feeling worse than when I set out.

There is one exception though (of course there is, or I wouldn’t be mentioning it here) – retail therapy absolutely works when it comes to buying books! I hardly ever suffer from buyer’s remorse even when I’ve just dropped hundreds of kroner on books, because I know it’ll be worth it. I get pleasure from buying books, having books arrive in the mail (long live The Book Depository and their worldwide free shipping!), looking at books, reading books and having my favourite books stand on my shelves afterwards. That’s a lot of value for a very small price!

One of my favourite authors is Neta Jackson, author of the “Yada Yada Prayer Group” series. That series has done more for my faith than any other book – non-fiction and fiction both – and I’ve been reading pretty much everything she’s written since I first discovered her. Thanks to GoodReads‘ “new releases” email, I just discovered that she has a new book out next week! (“Stand By Me” – first book in a new series but with the same characters as “Yada Yada” and “House of Hope”).

I literally squeed out loud when I read that mail, and immediately went to TBD to order it. The mere act of ordering it gave me great joy all by itself, and it hasn’t even arrived yet!

Doesn’t mean I’m not impatiently looking forward for it to do so though 🙂


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